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SUBCRIPTIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE SANTA ANITA SPRING MEET. Go to your User Accounts and click on the Subscription tab at the top to sign up. The Spring Meet at Santa Anita will start on Fri Apr 25 with the new Fri 3 PM first post every week except KY Derby week; following the opening 3 day weekend, there will be 4 day weeks until the final day on Sun Jun 30. There are 40 racing days including Mon May 26.


For the first time, the Triple Crown races will take place with Santa Anita running live races. Hopefully, we will have a serious California threat in California Chrome to take the Derby and maybe the whole thing based on the way he has won his races locally. Also for the first time, SA will be featuring the startup of the 2 year old racing program for Southern California, with the fields of unraced babies requiring the inputs of the HR clockers to give us insights on the precocious members of the latest set of youngsters.


Prices will remain the same as always for the HR reports for the daily reports and discounted subscriptions.


Hope some of you caught the winner Imperative with 2 Grade B workouts @ $55 from the CA shipper report for the Charles Town Special on Sat Apr 19 (free to Plan 1 and 2 subscribers).


Another great performance by the HR reports on Santa Anita Derby weekend. On Sun Apr 6 in the 6th race, our only Horse to Watch lister for the day, JULES JOURNEY, with a nice Grade B workout since his last race to go with 2 Grade B+ drills prior to his last race, won nicely paying $14.40. In the 8th race CONGREGATIONALIST, with a nice recent Grade B work in which he "appeared to be set for one of his top efforts in the afternoon" according to the HR clocker, set the pace on a speed biased track to hold on and pay $11.80.


On Santa Anita Derby Day Apr 5, our clockers pushed the winners of 7 races, including the final double at nice prices. In the 10th SEEKING THE SHERIF with recent Grade B-, B, B workouts in which "the razor sharp gelding holds his form well", won and paid $9.80. The final 11th race was won by KERRILYNN, with a recent Grade B+ drill in which "she appears to be set for the Winners Circle in the afternoon", paying $10.60. The double, with the new low takeout, paid a generous $68.40.


On Fri Apr 4 our clockers pushed the winners of the opening daily double with 2 Grade B- and one Grade B+ workouts on TIZ THE KEY "looked excellent and seems to be coming back in very sharp fashion" in the 1st @ $5.60 followed by CHICSDIGTHESHARK in the 2nd with a recent Grade B drill in which "he appears to be sitting on a top performance in the afternoon" paying $12.20. The double paid $39.40. In the 4th we had 2 recent Grade B workouts on the winner WATER ISSUES "striding out well at the end; seems to be doing well of late" and "appears set for her best effort in the afternoon". She paid $15.80 to win.


The week ending Mar 30 at Santa Anita was a great example of how all of the HR handicapping tools contribute to our profitability. We started out on Thu Mar 27 pushing the winners of all of the Carryover Pick 6 races, which paid $8,233.40. Our Horses to Watch listers DO SOME MAGIC and PUTAHEXONHER won the 3rd and 5th races at prices of $4.60 and $9.60 respectively. 


The 4th and 6th races were won by good workers NO EZ MONEY, Grade B "showed vast improvement in his first work since his debut...absolutely cruising to the wire and looked good...had a troubled trip in a BTL debut" paying $7.60 and PARLIAMENTARIAN, with several Grade B's "hasn't been out since breaking his maiden well over a year ago, but seems to be coming back well" paying $19.60.


Our Performance Ratings pushed the winners of the final two races with CHRISTOPHER STREET doing the honors in the 7th with the co-high rating paying $6.40 and favorite MOSCATO GIRL getting us home in the finale with far and away the highest dirt sprint performance rating. The Pick 6 ad Pick 4 were certainly nice ways to start the week.


The rest of the week continued to return nice profits as our Horse to Watch SWIFT EAGLE showed good determination in the 5th race on Fri Mar 28 to come back on at the wire to win and pay $9.60. On Sat Mar 29 two of our Fit and Ready listers won, bet down firster INDIAN SAFARI in the 3rd @ $6.60 and MAJESTIC HARBOR in the 8th "appears set for a win in the afternoon" paying $13.60. To end the week, we had a Fit and Ready and 2 Horses to Watch win on Sun Mar 30. In the 1st big favorite F&R lister KAFISTER won easily followed by HTW winners LIFE'S JOURNEY in the 4th @ $15.60 and STREET MAVEN in the 6th @ $9.20A pretty nice week for HR to end the month of March.


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