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For the racing date May 29 at Santa Anita, it appears our credit card processor is having a problem with a change they have implemented to process Apple Pay that is affecting our customers who are trying to buy daily reports for tomorrow.  We cannot contact them, so it is clearly a system problem.  Please email us at with the report you want (please specify Daily Clocker Report or Daily Mobile Clocker Report if it matters to you) and we will try to email reports to you for tomorrow as soon as possible (and as long as possible tonight) and process the payments manually tomorrow.  Sorry for the problem that is out of our control.

On Sat May 9 at Santa Anita we pushed the winners of 7 races in our Daily Clocker Report, including 2 from our Fit and Ready list, MATRICULATE in the 1st paying $7.20 and BAL A BALI (BRZ) in the 8th @ $5.00, both off long layoffs.

The other winners included ELEMENTAR in the 2nd with 2 “very good” Grade B recent workouts off a 7 month layoff paying $17.80 and CHERUBIM in the 7th with 2 recent Grade B+ workouts with the comment “sitting on a win in the afternoon” paying $18.60 off a 6 month layoff.

The 2 races in which we did not push the winners were races where the winners were working at Los Al which we do not cover for workouts at this time.

We have a new report format for the Daily Clocker Report, available now as an alternative to our original format. It is optimized for viewing on mobile platforms, such as smartphones and tablets. It is a single column report which is a bit longer than the previous two column report that was optimized for the minimum number of printed pages.


The same outstanding information is available on both reports. Only the format has been changed to accommodate the digital information age.


The old format will be retained and the customer will be able to select either the regular two column report or the new Mobile one column report. The standard 2 column report is listed in your accounts as caclocker and the new report is called caclockermobile.


Subscribers are encouraged to try the new report as both are available at no additional charge in your accounts. For the time being, we do not have a way to charge one price for both reports for daily users, so please use only one type of report each day when buying reports by the day to prevent being charged twice.


When deciding which report to use, think whether you are printing the report and taking it with you (old report) or reading the report online on your cell phone (new report with mobile in the title).


Please give us feedback after using the new report.


MONSTER HORSE TO WATCH WINNER on Fri Feb 6 at Santa Anita! 8th race winner was ENGLISH ART who came out of a straight maiden race on Dec 21 at Los Al with the HR Trip Notes: "Broke inward and slowly...was in a bad spot and got shuffled back early on the far turn, could not recover...barnmate of the winner definitely has speed, sneaky in a maiden claimer." He broke on the lead in a $30K maiden claimer and gutted out the win paying $72.60!! Hopefully, one of the HR customers had the Pick 6 for $177,450.40.  MIDNIGHT HAWK in the 6th contributed one of the other wins in the Pick 6 as a Fit and Ready winner.  We also pushed the winner of the 2nd race BLUEGRASS REWARD as a back to back Horses to Watch lister @ $8.20. Our Daily Clocker Report pushed the winners of the 4th race FIGHTER SQUADRON with a recent Grade B drill in which he was best in a team of 3. He paid $15.80. CHRISTOPHER STREET won the 7th race with a nice recent Grade B workout, with "an outstanding 34.4" final 3/8 with the comment "the further, the better". He won at 1 1/4 miles paying $6.40.


We have had a great start to the Santa Anita meet, although we have had a bit of seconditis with some of our monster priced horses from our Clocker Reports. It's just a matter of time before those close ones even out for us. On Fri Jan 9 our clockers pushed the winners of 4 races including DYNAMO DIXIE in the 4th race with 3 recent strong Grade B workouts in which she closed strongly. She paid $16.00 to win and with our Horse to Watch BLUEGRASS REWARD running a troubled 2nd @ 6-1, the exacta paid $60.80. In the 5th race SHE'S A BIG WINNER with 4 recent clocker pushes including a Grade B work in which we said "seems better than she's shown and may try the grass next" paid $12.60 to win with the highest last race HR performance rating. First timer ENTRECHAT ran 2nd @ 6-1 with a nice Grade B workout with the comments "looked really good in this slow half-mile to go much faster if let run at all, sharp work...has run to her".  The exacta paid $38.40. The 4th and 5th race winners triggered a rather nice $580.85 non-signer pick 5 with $3.00, $3.60 and $4.40 winners in the first 3 legs.


Some other bombers from the first two weeks included: 


Sun Jan 4 in the 1st race MCKENZIES WAY had a nice Grade B workout before his last race in which our Trip Notes said that he was shuffled back before the turn and never recovered. Prior to that race he had the highest HR last race performance rating at Santa Anita. He paid $16.40 to win. In the 3rd race SUVA HARBOR had 2 recent Grade B and 2 recent Grade B- workouts in which she was showing serious closing fractions. She paid $9.40 to win. We closed the day in the featured 8th race with a nice shipper winner in SHRINKING VIOLET  with a Grade B work and the comment "arrives here doing very well". She paid $22.20 to win. We also had 3 Horses to Watch win on this day.


On Sat Jan 3 we started the day with a nice Grade B- work for a Maiden $30K runner "under a tight hold" on EMPOWERING FORCE. The 3 year old scored at $48.00 giving us a nice start on the day. Another bomber struck in the 3rd race as JUSTIFICATION with a "really good wake up work...may be trending the right way" Grade B workout won out of the blue paying $27.20.


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