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Using data provided by our 2 Private Clockers, Trip Notes provided by well-known handicapper Aaron Hesz, as well as our powerful performance ratings derived from our custom variants, we provide a set of horse racing handicapping information that is both unique and reliable.

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Welcome to the Handicapper’s Report website, the home of the most comprehensive handicapping packages available in the thoroughbred horse racing industry today. We provide exclusive horse racing handicapping information through reports covering Workouts, Trip Notes and Performance Ratings on a daily and weekly basis as well as subscriptions to our reports by the racing meet at greatly reduced prices.

  • In Southern California we have been providing Workouts, Trip Notes and Performance Ratings for over 40 years. Our trip notes are written by top handicappers in SoCal, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the art of interpreting and drawing important conclusions from the running of each race.

  • All of our Workout information is placed in our database when it is recorded, and reported on the day when a horse runs in a race.  What our clockers saw during the workout is what you see in our reports.

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Some of our recent results follow:


On Sun Jul 2, 4 of the horses from our Horses to Watch lists ran at Santa Anita. They all won on a day when there were mostly favorites. Three of our HTW were indeed favorites, PLACIDO in the 1st @ $5.80, SHE BEGAN AGAIN in the 3 @ $3.20 and PRIME ISSUE in the 7th @ $6.80. However, the key for the late exotics was our HTW in the 8th, LAMBO LUXX paying $27.40 to win.


The final week of racing for the Santa Anita Summer Meet begins Fri Jun 30 and continues through Tues Jul 4, including Mon Jul 3. Opening Day of the Del Mar Summer Meet is Wed Jul 19.  Thanks to all for a fun racing season at SA.


The 3 day racing weeks ending on Sun Jun 18 and Jun 11 at Santa Anita produced a total of 9 Horses to Watch and Fit and Ready winners. There were 6 HTW winners and 3 F&R winners, including GIANT INFLUENCE on Sun Jun 18 in the 9th race paying $39.40 to win; and PASCHALITSA on Fri Jun 16 in the 6th paying $12.80 to win. We are looking forward to the start of racing at Del Mar on Wed Jul 19. As usual we will take a vacation during the Los Al racing weeks. We will be finishing strong in the last two weeks of Santa Anita meet coming up, which ends this year on Mon Jul 3 and Tue Jul 4.


Nice start to the week on Thu and Fri May 25 and 26. On Fri the opening race was won in strong fashion by ABBEY VALE (IRE) as she ran down the favorite paying $8.20. ABBEY had recently worked a slow 5 furlongs in 102.4, which our clocker rated a decent Grade B-, never asked at all, best in the team. In the 2nd race the Fit and Ready lister RUN AWAY did just that in the 4 1/2 f sprint winning easily after a Grade B+ recent workout. She was odds-on, but a solid single in the Pick 5. CONQUEST SABRE CAT won the 3rd rather easily, sweeping by late paying $7.80. He had recorded  a recent Grade B- team work in which he was best. After TRUE VALOR parked in the 5th race with 2 recent Grade B- works to seal the Pick 5 at $6.20, the best HR info play of the day occurred in the 7th as CHRIS AND DAVE won easily after a mishap in the stretch to pay $19.80. He had worked recently "under a big hold when up, quite nice", Grade B.


On Thu May 25 WRIGHTWOOD won the 6th race as a Horse to Watch and with a Grade B workout to pay $11.80. The day closed with a monster winner in PACIFIC COAST HWY. He had 2 recent Grade B workouts "nice work for him, perhaps the blinkers and a drop in class can perk his form up". I guess it did as he paid $52.80 to win.


On Thu May 4 at SA both of our Fit and Ready in Today horses won. The first 2 yo baby race of the year was won by F&R filly GORGEOUS GINNY who daylighted her opponents paying a bet down $4.20 in the 2nd. In the 7th ZAPPERCAT closed with a rush to justify her super work that earned her a Grade A- from our clockers with the comments "finished huge, final 1/4 in a sizzling 22.4, never asked, then galloping out completely full of run, excellent work". She paid $12.20 to win. A nice lead-in for the CA shippers to the KY Oaks and Derby cards. There are 3 HR Fit and Ready listers on the Oaks card on May 5 and 2 F&R listers on the Derby card on May 6.



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