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Friday Sep 26 will begin the much anticipated Santa Anita Autumn Race Meeting which includes the two days of Breeders Cup Races on Fri Oct 31 and Sat Nov 1, with Closing Day on Sun Nov 2. Of course, the Autumn Meet will contain many qualifying and prep races for the Breeders Cup during the beginning and middle weeks of the 24 day race meeting. Please read a discussion of pricing for the meet below.


Subscription Plans for Santa Anita Autumn are now available for purchase in your account.


Both of our clockers will be at Santa Anita for the full meeting and we have had continuous coverage from the time the new track surface was opened for training at the beginning of September, creating a great backlog of local works on the new racing surface for the Autumn Meet.


The track was a bit heavy when first opened, but seems to be playing well now to allow appropriate training for horses that want to work slow or fast if that is what their trainers prefer. The feedback from the racing community appears to be very positive, hopefully signaling a new era of great racing in Southern California in the coming months, where we will see significant strides in racehorse safety and consistent racing surfaces for handicapping; especially when Del Mar replaces their synthetic racing surface after the coming Fall Meet.


In new developments at HR, we have been experiencing more difficulties in covering our costs as racetracks have decreased their days of racing, in many cases replacing the lost races as additional races on the remaining days of actual racing. At the recently concluded Del Mar Summer Meet, they reduced the number of days from 37 to 36, but made up 6 of the 8 races lost on the remaining days by running extra races on many days.


Unfortunately for us, we recover our costs on a daily race day basis. We still have to cover the morning workouts each day of the week. In addition, we added a second clocker a year and a half ago, which dramatically increased the quantity and quality of our workout coverage. We feel we made an excellent decision for our customers in making us the best clocker information service in So Cal, but at an additional cost.


Also, the credit card processing companies have relentlessly raised their fees, reducing the profit margin on the sale of low cost items such as daily reports for the small business owner.


At HR, the present management team hasn't raised the cost of the weekend daily reports in many, many years, holding the line in the face of increasing costs. We are forced by all of the above events to increase our daily reports by $1 to $9 per copy, starting with this Santa Anita Autumn Meet. Our daily reports will remain the lowest priced of the significant clocking services in the So Cal area that are purchased by the day, and WILL REMAIN THE BEST. The Subscription Plans will be raised by $1 per day of the meet as well, still providing a very significant savings for our customers who use the service enough to make it cost effective. The prices of the weekly reports in these plans were raised some time ago without any change in the subscription prices. 


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  • In Southern California we have been providing Workouts, Trip Notes and Performance Ratings for over 35 years. Our trip notes are written by top handicappers in SoCal, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the art of interpreting and drawing important conclusions from the running of each race.

  • All of our Workout information is placed in our database when it is recorded, and reported on the day when a horse runs in a race.  What our clockers saw during the workout is what you see in our reports.

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